Entrance by AOL review exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Friday, 12 October 2012

Entrance by AOL review exclusive to Nokia 
Lumia Windows Phone

Entrance by AOL is the latest exclusive app for Nokia Lumia devices and brings all your entertainment, that’s music, movies and celebrity news into one place. Check out how it works with our Entrance by AOL review for Windows Phone.

Entrance by AOL has been designed and released exclusively for Nokia Lumia smartphones, which means you’ll find it runs on the high-end Nokia Lumia 900 as well as the entry-level Nokia Lumia 610, which we’ve tested it out on here.

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It’s a gateway app that brings together all the latest entertainment news and information from all of AOL various channels, such as AOL Music, Moviefone and The Huffington Post Entertainment.

It has a standard Metro user interface, so you’ll find separate pages at the swipe of a finger. The app opens on the Featured page, giving you the option to drop into Movie, Music, TV or Celeb news channels.

Next up is In Theaters, which you may have guessed with its US spelling has an over-the-pond bias. Like Nokia Trailers you choose the movie you want simply by tapping on its poster image and you’ll be pushed through to the details page, which is powered by 

Movie showtimes only works in the US and Canada presently, which is annoying for anyone not in those countries but the listings give you an idea of what to expect to appear in cinemas shortly.

You can listen to over 55,000 SHOUTcast radio stations, but we found this to be the weakest part of the package as actually finding the station you want you need to know its name and with no categories discovering new ones is tricky.

Much better is the free music streaming via AOL Music, which offers up exclusive CD Listening Party (CDLP), which showcases a full album by an up and coming band. We were pretty impressed with CDLP as it works in exactly the same way as the desktop version and is a great feature to have running alongside Nokia Mix Radio as it gives you even more free music you can stream and listen to.

Entrance by AOL is a good app and will certainly appeal to anyone Stateside using a Nokia Lumia. The news channels and accessing the music are the features we’ve been using the most, as it neatly replicates what AOL already offers on the desktop side.
Entrance by AOL is free to download from the Nokia Collection of your handset. 

If it hasn’t shown up in the dedicated Nokia Collection on your phone then tap the ‘More from Nokia Corporation’ tab in any app and you’ll find it on the long list of apps that are offered by Nokia.


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